DAO Maker – A Dream Comes True

• June 3, 2021 • 575

“Blockchain” technology is uncommon for some people. Moreover, making this technology to be a source of daily and passive source of income is not an easy thing to do and learn. Until now, there are still many people who are skeptical about Blockchain technology (which is the technology of the future), of course, this negative view and stigma arise because Blockchain is still considered gambling, money game, and fraud. I can guarantee that this is 100% totally wrong!!

Beginning of the Journey

In the beginning… I also had such a view which made me hesitated to go directly into this Blockchain Space because there were so many negative issues that accompanied it and it was very close to the dark (criminal) world. In 2017 I had a chance to know “ASIC Miner” a tool for mining digital money, namely Bitcoin, but I just saw and skipped it because as an Environmental Engineers, investing on this machine is not cheap and it’s wasteful of energy, so I left this Cryptocurrency world (I used to view Blockchain = Cryptocurrency).

But I don’t just stop, because I’m still interested in the digital world and still curious about how to make money through this world. Two years passed and at the same time, I also started independently building a professional social network on the LinkedIn Platform. I was doing this because I want to conquer my curiosity about digital space as I explained earlier. Through this LinkedIn Platform, I accidentally connected with Ali Akbar and read his articles about Digital Space.

Because I was curious about Digital Space, I decided to take part in one of the classes he held, namely Peta Uang Blockchain. In this class, I learned Blockchain Technology (I finally know that Blockchain ≠ Cryptocurrency). The most interesting part that I learned was about 10 professions created from innovation in Blockchain technology and one of them is Social Mining (part of the miner sub-profession).

From Zero to Million

At first, I’m not convinced that it is possible to generate tens to hundreds of dollars every week from a free Twitter account. So I did a further researched and read the instructions on how to do social mining on this platform, DAO Maker.

Based on the research that I’ve done (on my personal assumptions) and with strong determination (you could say I was brave and you could say stupid too), on December 21st, 2019, I decided to join one of the Social Mining platforms that were rising at that time, namely Ferrum Network. And this also marks my first day at Blockchain Space.

Never Stop for Improving

Two weeks at Social Mining usually determines whether you will continue or stop. In two weeks you will be provided with several tasks which in my opinion are quite difficult and you are only paid 0.8 USD workdrop after completion. If you were like me who invested 100% of your monthly savings allocation into the Social Mining Platform, what would you do on the 15th day? Continue or stop?

I’m sure 8 out of 10 people will definitely choose to stop and move on to something else because this has happened a lot. When other people choose to stop, I decided to keep going.

Why can I choose to continue?

First, I was driven by my high curiosity!! And second… I didn’t understand how to sell the tokens I have bought and third, the price of FRM tokens continues to drop. If at that time I choose to stop, then I will lose a lot.

But I didn’t stop and I started to get inputs from social miner friends at Ferrum Network (who are foreigners) on how to be a good social miner. I started to look in-depth all the writings related to the Ferrum Network be it articles, videos, infographics to a whitepaper which language is not easy to understand.

Starting from the 15th day, at this point I started making notes about FRM. I improved my abilities every day, the contents of my tweet are increasingly containing technical matters from the Ferrum Network and who could have thought that my second workdrop had an increase in income with an increase of 5x to 4.6 USD. For some readers, surely this number is small, but for me, this is a good achievement.

After being able to understand the fundamentals of FRM, the next step I tried to continue to improve myself by doing several tasks related to article writing, making infographics and making memes and the results of my workdrops increased until the end of the Social Mining Ferrum Network period. I got very satisfying results, I was in the top three for the number of tokens received in the workdrop recipient’s list.

Ferrum Network Workdrop History

The initial decision I made to go ahead and stay with Social Mining was the right one. Every process that I went through, produced pretty good results. As we know that the process will not betray the final result, the more quality we can provide, the higher the value we will produce.

It’s Time to Break the limits

What lessons can be learned from the process that I have been through before:

  1. There is nothing wrong with getting out of your safe zone to try new things. However, we need to be aware of the risks that might occur.
  2. Always use cold money to invest in any form, so that if you experience a loss you will not be regretting it too much.
  3. Knowledge is number one, but profit is not number two means that without knowledge there will be no value created and will not generate profit
  4. Never give up in reaching the dream you want. Keep trying and continue to explore your curiosity about something.

From these lessons, I continued my journey in Blockchain Space. Until now, I have participated in 6 social mining platforms. Some are still active and new, namely FRM, AVAX, DAO Maker Testing, NEM, 2key, and OPT.

The interesting part is that every time I participate in a new Social Mining platform, my ability and insight to Blockchain Space increases, the abilities that have been hidden so far can be seen and of course my profit increases every day.

Stage Bonus: Unlimited Profit

Since I started learning and working on Blockchain Space, one thing I have always avoided is talking about profit. For me, profit is a bonus from the process we have done (the process is directly proportional to profit). By planting this mindset from the start, it has kept me calm and in the end, it is very rare for me to run out of ideas to continue contributing to Blockchain Space through Social Mining.

The most important of all, is consistency in producing high-quality content and getting the best reputation as possible.

For those of you who are still curious about what benefits I have had since the beginning of joining Social Mining, here are the general benefits that can bring millions of wealth without limits:

  1. Insights into the blockchain space
  2. Adding friendship connections with people who are very experts in their fields
  3. Regular income every week from the Social Mining Workdrop
  4. Tickets to become a DAO Maker Ambassador for the Local Community, in this case, the Republic of Indonesia
  5. Tickets to become seed investor through initial token sales with the DYCO and SHO concepts
  6. Finally, I can explain to people about blockchain with the correct paradigm now.

The Final Word

I really felt the meaning of “Dream Comes True” since I started Social Mining, a super-profitable platform from DAO Maker. Now my knowledge of blockchain space continues to grow which takes me on a path that I have never imagined before.

What I have built over the last 1 year, can be said to be far from useless, it was part of my time that I sacrificed to learn the ins and outs of Blockchain Space that led me to be who I am today and I am trusted to be one of the DAO Maker Ambassadors for Indonesia.

Finally, for those of you who are curious about DAO Maker, let’s join us in our Indonesian Telegram Group and don’t forget to always follow the latest news about Blockchain and the latest DAO Maker products via our Indonesian language Twitter.

Don’t Give up and Be a Real Social Miner with DAO Maker!!