My Neighbor Alice, the SHO of DAO Maker Listed on Binance Launchpad. Now Farm ALICE Passively

• March 11, 2021 • 626
My Neighbor Alice - on Binance Launchpad

My Neighbor Alice, the decentralized virtual island fantasy game that allows users to create whole worlds, trade with neighbors’ digital NFT based assets is now available on the leading crypto exchange Binance.

ALICE, the native token that powers the game and acts as a medium of exchange, can be now farmed by Binance users easily through staking Binance token (BNB), Binance’s USD stable coin (BUSD), and Chromia token (CHR).

ALICE on Binance Launchpad

Binance, the leading crypto exchange, has been offering its users a dedicated service called Launchpad, where carefully selected platforms are given the chance to promote their tokens. Each platform and its token goes through a number of different checks and strict criteria before they are even considered for a listing.

My Neighbor Alice and its ALICE token’s successful selection on Binance Launchpad is a testament to the quality of the platform and the viability of the whole game. The staking service is now active and users can deposit their BNB, BUSD, and CHR in the Launchpool to automatically start its farming.

Farming details are:

  • Total token rewards: 3 million ALICE.
  • Pool reward allocation: BNB Pool 70%, BUSD 20%, and CHR 10%.
  • Farming Time: 10th March to 8th April 2021.

The rewards will be distributed daily, with the first 4 days seeing a total of 30,000 every 24 hours, with the rest having 60,000 ALICE rewarded per day. The rewards are calculated on an hourly basis with Binance taking snapshots of the user wallets and updated in the same manner.

The pool rewards are subject to change and the APY will be updated in real-time.

Digital and Decentralized: Virtual Paradise

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based gaming platform that creates a virtual set of islands in the fictional Lummelunda archipelago. The game has a very different evolution than the real world, with animals and humans living together peacefully. Players build whole islands and perform different economic activities and can even trade with neighbors.

Each item in the game is defined by NFT, meaning that the virtual items are unique. NFTs represent all kinds of items, such as animals, buildings, and even the islands themselves.

Powering My Neighbor Alice is their native, ERC20 compliant ALICE token. With ALICE, users can purchase the NFTs, stake them for rewards and use the token within the game and real-world as a means of transfer of value.

ALICE Stong Holder Offering (SHO) by DAO Maker

ALICE is a sound project that has caught the attention of leading crypto platforms all over the world. DAO Maker, the premier platform for launching DeFi and other crypto-based platforms, had conducted their Strong Holder Offering (SHO) recently. Like Binance, DAO Maker has strict criteria and ALICE was able to make the cut. Read here DAO Maker`s one-pager on My Neighbor Alice.

The SHO saw sincere backers taking part in the offering, who were able to show that they are funding for a long term and are not into a quick-rich scheme where they would buy the tokens and then dump them after a certain profit.

Can My Neighbor Alice hold a candle to the gaming-pioneer Animal Crossing? Head over to Binance Launchpad today and take your part in the ALICE farming today. There is no announcement by DAO Maker yet if ALICE could also be farmed via the lately launched VAULT.

CryptoRank has already listed ALICE, the token of My Neighbor Alice:, and the token $ALICE is also already deployed