My Neighbor Alice, the SHO got Listed on Binance, Gains 30,000%+ in Value

• March 15, 2021 • 585
ALICE the SHO of DAO maker traded on Binance

ALICE, the token powering the blockchain-based fantasy virtual game My Neighbor Alice is listed on the leading crypto exchange Binance today and it has mooned with an x300 increase in price as reported by CryptoRank. The success does not come unexpectedly, the two most successful startup-accelerators in recent years are boosting the multiplayer builder game My Neighbor Alice; Binance, and DAO Maker.

ALICE: Your Entry to Lummelunda Archipelago

My Neighbor Alice is a virtual island fantasy game set in the fictional island chain of the Lummelunda archipelago. The aim of the game is to buy your own island and develop it through agriculture and raising animals. The island owners then can trade with their neighboring islands, exchanging ALICE for NFT based unique animals, resources, and other collectible items. Gaming connoisseurs remind this game of the Nintendo Switch bestseller Animal Crossing – indeed, there are similarities.

The game is powered by its native crypto token ALICE, which has just been listed on Binance and is also available on UniSwap and The launch on Binance has been met with great enthusiasm and the high demand of the ALICE token has seen it gain more than 300 fold in value at the time of writing.

My Neighbor Alice, powered by the coin ALICE.

ALICE was successfully listed on the Binance Launchpool hardly a week ago, passing rigorous tests, both technical and feasibility wise by the exchange. Only a few handfuls make the cut and ALICE satisfied all requirements. Users are able to stake their BNB, BUSD, and CHR to farm ALICE and can now trade it on Binance against BTC, BUSD, and USDT.

DAO Maker SHO for My Neighbor Alice

Before its listing and launchpool on Binance, ALICE had conducted its Strong Holder Offering through DAO Maker, a fundraising platform famous for its unique, ethical coin offering method that sees only the most committed of people taking part in the event who can prove that they will back a platform. This creates a unique situation where funding is from people who are willing to invest in the betterment and long-term viability of a platform and are not in for the short-haul to sell off their tokens for instant profits.

DAO Maker only accepts the most promising platforms in its SHO fold and the inclusion of My Neighbor Alice shows how good the virtual fantasy game ecosystem is.

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