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• February 5, 2021 • 797
My Neighbor Alice, the blockchain game

Gamification is one of the most critical aspects of the digital age. Gaming is one of the biggest growing markets and an essential place for recreation for young and old. And in times of the corona crisis, they are becoming even more critical since they open a window to the world and allow people to interact with each other.

My Neighbor Alice is a game that aims to combine the strength of already proven game concepts that are loved by hundreds of millions of gamers around the world. It is not only defined by its openness but also by the fact that the players will own the game itself. This is not only one of many features but a real game-changer.

This shift in the game’s very foundation is powered by blockchain technology, nonfungible tokens, and a decentralized autonomous organization or, in short, DAO. These innovations will drive blockchain adoption further and change the way players will be attached to the game’s content.

My Neighbor Alice, an open-world that is more than a sandbox

Many players enjoy the fact that games like Minecraft allow them to move 360 degrees in an open environment shaped as they please. My Neighbor Alice offers them a very similar experience, only that the players will build and shape their own islands. It combines the strength of the most potent world builder with the cuteness of animal crossing, driving the look and feel of the game and most of its interactions and aspects. 

The players’ islands can serve as a refuge where they can solemnly spend their time exploring the many options to shape their places and interact with their animals. But if they desire company, they can connect their space with other islands and get in touch with the rest of the world. 

This way, the sandbox gets expanded, and a multiplayer experience is available. At the same time, it is unnecessary to enjoy it or be forced to interact with other players. Players can simply choose what aspect of the game they would like to enjoy. These features will also enable them to take part in My Neighbor Alice’s blockchain features, which are also based on trade.

NFTs, Gaming Content that is scarce and unique

Three things will be scarce in My Neighbor Alice. The available land can be occupied by the players, limited edition items, and those produced by the players. All three categories can be bought or sold with the native currency, the ALICE token. Trade can commence on an in-game marketplace as well as on external marketplaces.

The ALICE token is an in-game currency that is also mirrored as an ERC-20 token. The game content, like items, is based on non-fungible tokens. Let’s say your character creates a sword. Its shape, color, amount of damage that it deals, and even how it can be swung are all properties of a unique token. That token gives your ownership over the sword and control of its behavior and capabilities.

Items can be traded on Chromia and Steam, and since the tokens are also interchangeable on different other blockchains. But the blockchain functionality doesn’t end there.

My Neighbor Alice will be truly controlled and designed by its players. They will determine the fate and the game’s functionality through a decentralized autonomous organization called the community council. This way, the members can choose how the game will be developed in the future and vote on how trade will begin. This is a vital part of the game’s monetary system and part of the social integration between players. In terms of the DAO ALICE will also act as the governance token of the game. 

Commitment is rewarded – How Players can earn staking rewards.

Aside from the DAO My Neighbor Alice is looking forward to implementing nearly all decentralized finance options. Meaning that the game will become its own ecosystem. In terms of creating and trading items or land and rewarding players to continually contribute to the game.

This will also include the option to actively stake with My Neighbor Alice. Rewards will be created from the platform revenues and by lending and receiving interest. Gains can be generated through plot or asset sales and as well from transaction fees. Another option is to rent NFTs and land to other players to earn additional income. 

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