DeXe: Advanced Decentralized Social Trading for DeFi

• March 8, 2021 • 549
DeXe the DeFi social trading

The longest crypto winter was over a few months back as cryptocurrencies shook off the dust last year and started gaining value. Nearly every token and coin has repeatedly broken its all-time high. This has led to another wave of interest by the public, and millions have started investing in it, especially the trading side, buying and selling to make profits.

However, for many people, trading can be a bit of a hassle. Cryptos have their own technical and fundamental indicators, with an ecosystem that’s global and doesn’t sleep. This makes it difficult for many people to trade and make profits.

Social Trading goes 2.0 with DeXe

So what’s the answer to the dilemma faced by novice traders? The answer lies in the concept of social trading. In social trading, people can select a professional trader of their choice and allow a trading platform to let their account follow the movements. Their own account similarly shadows each trade.

People can rest as the followed trader has the most expertise and insights through social trading, leading to always making the most informed exchanges. Since the social trader is only trading his or her own tokens, there’s an added benefit that he will always make trades that are in the best interest for his wealth generation.

For the novice trader who follows, this means that he has the best chance of making profits, and at the same time, since he is not actively trading directly, the activities can be a passive means of making some real profits.

DeXe: Decentralized Social Trading

DeXe is a platform dedicated to bringing the world of social trading to the world. Unlike other protocols that offer social trading, DeXe is not an exchange but a platform that connects different exchanges and allows its users to select any available trader to follow.

Using smart contracts, DeXe connects with different decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as UniSwap and other major DEXs along with 1INCH routing protocol to offer a wholesome trading experience. Simultaneously, the platform understands that many major traders are currently using centralized exchanges (CEXs), which is an untapped potential. Merging the world of DEXs and CEXs, DeXe uses its dedicated plugins to interact with the CEXs, creating a holistic environment where any user can follow their preferred trader, whether on decentralized exchanges or mainstream centralized ones.

Services currently offered by DeXe are:

  • Wallet to Wallet Copy Trading: Use a smart contract to connect your wallet with another and copy trade what the user does, without the wallets ever interacting directly. Connect your Telegram account, and you will be kept up to date on what trades are being done on your behalf.
  • Decentralized Tournaments: Top traders can compete to be the lucky winner to not only win massive rewards but become fund managers of DeXe, allowing the platform (and themselves) to increase their profits and assets. The competition already has 300+ registered UniSwap participants.

Other innovative services that will integrate into the DeXe environment include:

  • Network Investments: A unique asset management tool for social trading that is completely autonomous, it allows for any DeXe user to issue their custom-made LP tokens and its relevant pool against their staked tokens.
  • Wallet Info: A one-of-a-kind transparent platform to view any trader wallet on the DeXe network, with the ability to see their trading PNL. This will help users select the right trader to copy, increase their chances of profits and mitigate losses.
  • Limit Swap: Three different limit orders, such as Limit Order for DEX, Partial Limit Orders (against a trigger price) and a unique DEX/CEX Limit order for a finer degree of control over when the orders are placed for exchanging assets.

Crypto social trading is a big thing, but the largest issue faced is multiple platforms, leaving novice traders confused on which one to select. DeXe solves this issue by becoming a bridge between different DEXs and giving CEX traders the ability.

The DeXe Partner Network

While being under the radar for the broader crypto community, DeXe`s business development team follows the vision: Sync with the best industry players. Notable partnerships of DeXe are Elrond Network, Orion Protocol, NEM, StaFi, DexTools, and DAO Maker.

DAO Maker is famous for selecting crypto startups and platforms that have created something unique for the world. DeXe, with its innovative holistic social trading protocol, is another platform DAO Maker has partnered with.

DAO Maker has already backed or advised many different unique and established DeFi projects, such as Injective Protocol, Orion Protocol, Evolution Finance, Aluna, Dafi, HAPI, Open Predict, Yield Protocol, and many more.The DeXe token(DEXE) is traded on exchanges like Binance,, MXC, Wazirx, HotBit, Bilaxy, HitBTC  Uniswap, and Pancake. You can find the DEXE OnePager here on Cryptorank.

Currently, DeXe runs a decentralized trading marathon for its Partners Orion Protocol, DexTools, StaFi, NEM, and many more on Uniswap.