DeFiner, the DeFi StartUp, is set to conquer Financial Markets after the Strong Holder Offering by DAO Maker

• September 22, 2020 • 1364

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is all the rage these days and led to the recent clogging of the Ethereum network. DeFi`s are traditional financial services built on the blockchain technology, which promise numerous advantages to the people involved. DeFiner is a 2018 founded DeFi platform, changing how people view and participate in the global borrowing and lending system, with the potential to change the way we approach existing DeFi startups today and financial services offered by traditional institutions.

Centralized Finance, Shady Business as Daily Business

Taking loans is a reality of life. Small or large, private, administration, or businesses – everyone takes out a loan in their lives. This can be in the shape of mortgage, vehicle financing, or just money. People who turn toward financial institutions such as banks face difficulties securing their preferred loan. 

Banks are primarily acting as middlemen, and the financial institutions are there to make money. To be profitable, they charge high rates for borrowers by getting this liquidity at better conditions from national banks, financial markets, and investors. On the other hand, banks give a meager payout to investors and lenders by nature.

Setting high to loan seekers and shelling out pennies to investors lets them pocket a big chunk of the profit, scalping both parties. Secondly, to make it feasible, banks have a high barrier of entry. Small loans do not cover up the expenses, which means many poor souls will never have the opportunity to get a loan and fulfill their dreams. Similarly, investors and lenders are asked to deposit large sums of money before they are eligible for receiving profits from their investments.

Borrowers are at the mercy of their credit score. In a financial system designed to make loan repayment difficult and encourages paying out the interest accrued, the credit score is drastically reduced. This leads to lower access to loans- and if loans are secured, the interest rate gets higher. Borrowers also may be required to put in collateral for a loan. The collateral is evaluated by the institute, usually at a lower than market value, and the loan approved is just a fraction of it.

For investors, another issue is that financial institutions are very inflexible when it comes to pulling out their investments. Other topics such as minimum balance to be maintained, annual charges (For depositing their Money!), and additional allied fees keep piling up.

DeFiner is re(DeFi)ning Financial Loan

DeFiner, as a DeFi platform and is supported by Techstars, a global acting seed accelerator platform for investment, mentorship, and innovation. Definer offers digital asset users financial services by bringing the best of CeFi (Centralized Finance) into DeFi,  including loans, savings, investments, and payments. In short: own your keys on an auto-insured account that is yield-optimized and bridged to both retail and institutional lenders/borrowers.

DeFiner`s products are based and powered by blockchain technology and its advantage features to overcome people’s issues by eliminating the traditional middleman (banks and financial institutions) and connecting lenders and borrowers directly by a protocol.

  • Earning on Deposits: Crypto owners can deposit their tokens on the platform and earn interest as high as 12%. This is far higher than any expected return using traditional banking or financing systems. Depositors also get the option of flexible terms. There is no minimum or maximum time limit involved. Depositors can also instantly apply for loans against their tokens.
  • Lending and Borrowing: The peer to peer market allows borrowers to search and find a loan offer that suits their needs. There is no credit scoring and no complicated paperwork to fill. Similarly, lenders are also incentivized in the same manner, their assets being lent out and allowing them to earn interest.

What Makes DeFiner Different?

Leveraging blockchain, DeFiner gives its users the best of DeFi possible. Speed, efficiency, security, and economical approach set DeFiner apart. Each smart contract is audited to ensure that there is complete transparency of the agreements. As a peer to peer platform, there is no intermediary and no premiums or commissions involved. The savings are passed on to the users.

The platform also offers financial security. All DeFiner users are covered by insurance from Nexus Mutual. This protects investments from losses. Furthermore, DeFiner loans are fully backed by collateral, giving lenders a peace of mind that their assets are protected at all times.

With more than 15 different tokens to choose from, DeFiner users can lend and borrow BTC, ETH, DAI, BNB, USDT, and many more.

Deadweight Loss in Crypto Lending

Strong Holder Offering by DAO Maker, it’s not about Fundraising only

DeFiner is currently running a Strong Holder Offering (SHO), backed by DAO Maker. Unlike other projects that offer token sales through ICO or IEO, DeFiner has selected the SHO model.

SHO is a mechanism by which investors have to prove that they are since with the project by applying for an allocation spot and showing their investment history. The crypto arena is full of hundreds, if not thousands, of examples where a tremendous interest was initially shown towards a project. The market cap of the sales was achieved quickly, and the subsequent token listing on exchanges further allowed traders to buy the tokens, fueling more rise in value.

These rises were short-lived, though. Investors would calculate their target profit on the tokens, and when achieved, the tokens were sold out. This pump and dump scheme would mean instant earnings for the investors, but it always spells out doom for the project.

To counter this, DeFiner is making an SHO offering through DAOMaker. Interested participants of an SHO must show that they have held tokens from the last SHO, and provide their investment behavior in general, proving that they are not into the pump and dump scheme, but are sincere with the project. DAO Maker`s fundraising platform is indexing and ranking every applicant based on the provided data. The last SHO on DAOMaker was the OpenPredict, a platform that allows people to make money by predicting different events. OpenPredict`s token OPT achieved an ROI of +12`000% at his peak and commuted at +3500% during the last week.

SHO participants for the DeFiner platform and its native token FIN must show that they are sincere by holding some OpenPredict Tokens (OPT) for a certain period. Only those who do will be able to take part in the SHO. With a token supply of 8.38% of the total 42 million tokens in the SHO, initially, only 1,106,000 FIN tokens will be made available.

Another successful fundraising model from DAO Maker is the DYCO, which was successfully used by Orion Protocol, a CeFi & DeFi connecting platform and liquidity providing protocol at the beginning earlier this year. Questions regarding the SHO can be placed in DAO Maker`s Telegram Chat.

The DeFiner Strong Holder Offering SHO is split across three rounds and is held on DAO Maker`s Fundraising Platform. More details here.

  • Round 1: Strategic Round: Allocation: 35,000 FIN a $0.6/token ($21,000)
  • Round 2: Strong Holder Offering: Allocation: 100,000 FIN a $0.6/token ($60,000)
  • Round 3: Whitelist Lottery: Allocation: 25,000 FIN a $0.6/token ($15,000)

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