Decentralized Cross-Chain Oracle Service on Polkadot
• May 7, 2021 • 505

ORAO Network: Decentralized Cross-Chain Oracle Service on Polkadot

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have made information open, uncensorable, and completely trustless. With transparency, there’s been increased scrutiny, and information that is factually incorrect can be pointed out, eliminated easily since the majority of the nodes or miners will not agree on the data. However, the trustless nature of blockchain is its Achilles heel when the […]

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HAPI the hacker prevention for of Smart Contracts and DeFi
• March 7, 2021 • 940

Trustless Oracles of DeFi: HAPI, The Next SHO of DAO Maker Creates Secure Data Input Protocol

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has undoubtedly changed the world. The ability to dabble in the financial system does not require any trust. It is automated by smart contracts under which the agreed-upon rules are executed without the involvement of any intermediaries and, thus, helps the whole ecosystem run efficiently. It requires no reset or sleep, and […]

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My Neighbor Alice
• February 5, 2021 • 918

My Neighbor Alice: Virtual Islands on Blockchain

In recent years, the gaming industry has flourished, with Reuters’s report estimating the industry to surpass the $200 billion mark by 2023. Gaming over the years has matured, with different genres. With COVID-19 putting people locked up in their homes, games became a primary entertainment source. Games today have serious players, with many people taking […]

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