Aluna Social Lets You Copy Professional Traders and Learn

• March 4, 2021 • 883
ALN Social Trading

Crypto trading has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for people all around the world. Lowering barriers, ease of purchase, and the immense rise in value have meant that people who could not take part in the traditional trading environment can now try their luck at increasing their wealth.

However, with the ease of crypto trading come more complexities. Crypto trading is a lot different than buying or selling stocks or ForEx. The technical indicators are different and fundamental ones have far-reaching influence. Fortunately for people who face difficulties in adapting, there is Aluna Social.

Earn While You Learn With Aluna

With vast choices of exchanges and fresh tokens being introduced every day, it can be difficult for many people to choose which coin to trade. Plus, the plethora of incoming data can lead to information overload, with the crucial piece of news buried even before the trader gets a chance to check it.

In this flood of information and data, what is an average trader to do? Aluna Social helps by creating a trading platform that has a few tricks up its metaphorical sleeves: 

·   Copy Trading: Users can connect with a signal provider and follow their trading movements. Selecting a preferred trader from the leaderboard, users only need to define the crypto amount they want copy traded. When the chosen signal provider makes a trade, the follower’s cryptos are automatically traded similarly. Users are free to select their signal provider, be it a risky trader, risk-averse, or a long-term one.

·   Counter Trading: An entirely new game, counter trading allows Aluna Social users to cherry-pick traders whom they think are the least profitable or run into losses. Counter trading will use the same principle of copy trading. Still, this time the automated trades will be made in the opposite direction. This enables users to make profits even when the signal provider runs the chances of going in the red line.

·   Insights Feed: No need to sift through a mountain of data when users and traders can exchange vital information on time, giving them the chance to make the right decision at a crucial stage in trading. Every person who provides insight has a complete profile listed for people to see and ensure that they have the proper experience and reputation for making the claims. This helps in thwarting any attempts to influence trades or fraud.

Through the unique socializing and automated trading, anyone can register on Aluna Social and start to learn to trade and earn at the same time by following only the best traders, copying their strategy and gaining experience to one day be one of the top traders themselves.

Other Aluna Benefits

Aluna is not just about following people; it gamifies the whole social trading concept and pushes both signal providers and followers to strive to improve themselves. Three different gamification concepts exist in Aluna Social. The pari-mutuel pools power in each social gaming. Participants commit their tokens as a show of sincerity and commitment for making decisions to the best of their knowledge.

Binary Outcomes allows people to answer simple questions on different events or future movements of cryptocurrencies. Users can gauge the majority’s opinion with the answers aggregated and presented indefinable values and make traders on the bullish or bearish response. Voting can only be done if users add their tokens to the parimutuel pool.

Social trading prediction games allow Aluna users to join betting on particular trades going in the preferred direction. These trades can be from any signal provider, and players are rewarded if the trade predictions are correct.

Users can also wager on the traders within the ecosystem, betting on who will top the leaderboard and give their feedback on key performance indicators such as trader performance, the risks taken, and the consistency in profitability. This will enable other users and traders to make better decisions on which people to follow for insights and copy trading.

Another unique feature of Aluna is that users can deploy APIs and connect their different crypto exchanges into one interface. This way, the signal provider and the follower can be on various exchanges and still make their preferred trades and profit from the experienced player.

ALN Powered Social Trading

Aluna Social is the latest project that has been evaluated by the globally renowned DAO Maker and has made the cut to be its latest Strong Holder Offering (SHO) token distribution. The SHO is live now with 3 million ALN up for grabs. ALUNA (ALN) is an ERC-20 compliant token that traders can use on the Aluna Social platform and power their social trading and gamification.

Head over to Aluna Social today and register to make profits through social trading.

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